Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Path...

"I stood there in the fading light, and stared down the at the path. I wondered what madness had ever convinced me to set my feet on the path in the first place, and I further wondered why I had been brought here to this place. For I really did believe that I had indeed, been brought to the winding path; a path in which the end was obscured and lost to me. "


Quite often, people talk about living in the moment and creating your own destiny. It seems to be a trendy sort of thing, and while all of these ideas carry a great deal of good, and a great deal of truth with them, I personally think that they err a bit.

Other people wonder at the term "calling", and wonder why people say it and what they mean by it.

I believe that peoples' lives carry a certain mission that they came to accomplish in this realm. It may be simple, or it may be great, but it is specific and necessary for them to perform. A calling is simply this: The sum, or at least an extension, of their mission in this life. It is something that they need to perform in order to be whole and complete.

Things are so intricately connected in this life that if we could fully see the connections, I think that it would baffle us. And although we may think that we are creating something majestic by our own power, we really are all a part of a grand prophecy that has been in force for eons. A set of words so powerful as to shape worlds without end. And each and every human life and conscious intelligence is a part of that prophecy, which rolls forth with a power well beyond our tiny arms and mouths. Each one of them enlisted to play a part that may be great, or small, in the moment; and yet infinitely important at the same time.

And yet, to our trial, we sometimes only see that mission and purpose one day, or one moment at a time. Hence the reason to "live in the moment". But we must remember the responsibility of our mission and seek after it, to live it fully.

To quote Stalking Wolf: "A man not living his vision is living death."

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Pretty deep thoughts there.