Friday, March 20, 2009

Faith and Hope...

Alright. Enough of the doom and the gloom and the smoke people!!! I’m publishing today from Paradise Bakery, which has become one of my favorite restaurants, and it’s time for some happy thoughts. :)

But first, an awareness exercise:

Go outside in the early morning and stand in an open patch of grass, preferably with bare feet. Close your eyes, tip your head back, open your arms, and breath deeply. Listen, but don’t focus on any one sound. Open yourself to hear as much as possible, and let the sounds flow through your consciousness. Feel. Feel the breeze, feel the grass, the trees, the bushes. Feel the harmony of everything around you, and let it penetrate deep inside you.


It’s absolutely fabulous outside today and I can’t help but being overjoyed at the prospect of spring again. The symbol of new beginnings and renewed hope. Life ebbs and flows, and I am convinced that the sooner we learn to flow with it, the happier we will be. Everything isn’t always happy, but when it is I want to soak up every minute of it!

As I walked out of my house this morning, I couldn’t help but be overjoyed with the feeling in the air. A bit of magic manifesting itself for all of us to taste.

I’m also excited today because the Utes Gymnastics team is up against BYU tonight, on BYU’s home floor, and I am thoroughly looking forward to watching them waste BYU into the dust. :) I guess it’s not fair really, their so much better then BYU, but I’m still going to enjoy it!


This photo was taken at the Sacred Grove on the Smith Farm in Palmyra, New York. Certainly not your average "Sacred Grove" picture, but it is possibly one of the happiest shots that I have ever taken, and it is totally different then my Sacred Grove shot. For some reason, it just seems to fit today. The words Faith and Hope come to mind as I sit here and write this.

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