Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ocean Energy...

About a month ago, I was in LA for a few days to manage a project down there. One afternoon, I drove to Oceanside and spent the afternoon in the crashing waves.

I absolutely adore the ocean. There is nothing quite like standing in water chest deep, and watching as a three or four foot wave approaches and then breaks over you, followed by the feeling as the tide rushes back past you and the sand erodes from under your feet. Words escape me to describe the elation and euphoria that I enjoyed for a couple of hours. As I went back to the car, I took this picture.


West Family said...

Beautiful picture! We moved to Buffalo NY last year and at some point during our time would love to get a picture of the sacred grove to take with us, wherever we end up. How much are your prints? - did you by chance get any of Niagara Falls?
Thanks, Jan

Alma said...

I did get some of Niagara Falls. I have yet to post any here though. At some point I probably will. It turned out to be an extremely difficult place to photograph in a dramatic and different way.

As far as prints go, they would really vary depending on size, material, etc., so e-mail me at alma@ctrol.com and we can chat about it.