Sunday, September 14, 2008


One early morning in Italy, the group went out to photograph and I went with them. After we had been out there a couple of hours then we stopped at a little shop to have breakfast. I wandered away from everyone else down this side street and I took this picture.

While I was standing there with the camera on the tripod, then I called my sister Naomi. Or she called me. I cannot recall for sure but in any case, I hugged the phone with one shoulder while I talked to her and continued to make adjustments to the settings of the camera for this shot.

She was getting married close around that time and I had helped her with some of the arrangments for the invitations, the location for the wedding, the reception, etc. I had set a lot of it up and then I left for Italy, so I was touching base with her to make sure of some minor details.

I had been in Italy for about a week, and the style of the photographers I was there with was driving me mad. It was totally different then how I did things, and as nice as they were, hanging out with them every day was really starting to wear on me. That morning, I was extra frustrated. To top it off, I felt very homesick. When I talked to Naomi then it was early morning for me, and it was late night for her. She had that characteristic late night giggle of hers, and it was really great to talk with her. It was really what I needed at the time. Yet at the same time, I knew that things were changing soon, beause she was getting married. Something of my feelings that day made it into this shot.

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