Sunday, June 8, 2008

Preface to the The Sharsmith Project...

Last week the Father-of-the-groom of my last wedding shoot called and asked me to photograph an event for him on the 20th. A group of 22-44 people. I told him I'd have to think and let him know. Try as I might, and scared as I am about it, I didn't feel like I could say no. So, why not?

Up until now, everything I have posted has been taken in the last six months, but I am about to post some older stuff. I stumbled into the Sharsmith folder the other day and I started looking at all of those images. The Sharsmith project was a collection of photos that I took in the early part of 2006. They are of the Southern Utah University campus and buildings. I feel like posting some of them, and so I am going to over the next few days. I am also going to add some commentary about how each shot was taken.

These images were my best work at the time, and are still some of my best work. I was shooting well over my ability in the capture of these images. I was just barely experimenting with scanning film, I had never shot slides before, I had just barely started playing around with 4x5 view cameras, and I started shooting with digital midway through the project.

They are dedicated entirely to Camela Mckee Hall, because she inspired me to take them. When the final collection of fifty images was presented to her, she looked through them four of five times and then said, "Alma, you seriously should do this on the side." It was some of the last words that she spoke to me. I guess that's one reason why I accept side assignments today. I always remember those words when someone asks me to shoot something for them.

Some photos from this project:

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