Friday, May 9, 2008 we go....

After dismissing it for some time, and having numerous events that push me this way, I have finally decided to make a move more towards serious photography. Currently, I consider most of my images mediocre, with a few superb images. I hope to learn and increase my existing skills. That's part of why I am starting this Blog. This day, May 9th 2008, represents the official start of what I would like to call Spirit Photography. I might change the name still, but it is sort of like me going public. I hope to slowly do more and more photography as time moves forward and I become better. It's the perfect day to start this as five and nine are magic numbers.

Photography to me is about capturing the essence of what you feel at the time. It is about capturing the spirit and feeling of a person, place or thing. It is about displaying the obvious, but more importantly it is also about revealing what lies beneath the surface. My goal is to produce images that invoke powerful feelings in the person that views them.

To kick this thing off, I am going to post some photographs from my recent trip to Georgia.

While I was there, I was deeply moved at the Confederate feelings that still exist today. As I was walking through a cemetery, I was moved by the graves with confederate flags on them, but I was also deeply moved by the very old graves that had stakes and chains coming out of them. Quite simply, they are slave graves. As I wandered around the cemetery, I was moved to try and capture the dismal past of that era. The war, the slavery, the horrible tragedy and victory of the whole affair. Victory for the slaves and yet tragedy for the South and States Rights as they saw it and might still see it.

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