Saturday, May 10, 2008

Brighter lights...

Well, yesterday's post and photos were a bit on the dark side. I am happy with them, because I wanted to capture a certain feeling that I felt at the time, and I think that they do capture that feeling, so they were a success.

But sometimes, we need happy things. I recently attended the NCAA Women's Gymnastics Championships. I had purchased my new Nikon D3 right before that event. Quite simply put, this camera rocks!. To be able to shoot at 6400 ISO with less noise then I previously had at 1600 ISO with my D200 is absolutely amazing. This opens up all sorts of possibilities. I sort of let myself be completely absorbed by the event and I took about 10,000 images spanned over three days. A little ridicules really, but I looked at it like a sports photography training event and I had a blast the whole time. The sheer amount of energy at a national event like that is amazing. It made me want to consider being a serious sports photographer.

I'm a big fan of the University of Utah, and they were not in the first session, so I busied myself shooting the other teams. Then I left during the break, found an outlet and charged my battery. When I came back for the second session, walked in to the arena and saw my good old home team down there practicing on the floor, I was elated. It's difficult to describe it, but it was really nice. It just felt good. I went up to the usher that I had talked with earlier and said "Yeah, that's my team."

Incidentally, it was while I was talking to an usher at this event that I found out about the cemetery that I went and photographed the following day. Funny how things work. If your at events, make contact and conversation with the ushers. They are usually bored, and they might cut you some slack later on if you need it.

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